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The Wagram is an elongated mountain range in Lower Austria, up to 40 meters high. It accompanies the Danube on its northern side and represents a steep, widely visible step of glacial loess. The special formation, the soil and the retreat area for many plants and animals make the Wagram something very special. 

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The deep loess soils of the Wagram give the wines their unique character. The fertile soil was created during the last ice age 100,000 years ago. The loess is an excellent water reservoir: in dry periods it provides the often enormously deep roots of the vines with the necessary nutrients and minerals.

Weingut Schabl Weingarten


In its geological and climatic unity, the Wagram itself can be described as an ideal-typical winegrowing region. The influence of the Pannonian climate with very warm sunny days interacts with the cool nights. This combination results in wines of pronounced fruitiness, elegance and smoothness.

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Different landscapes meet in a small area: sunken paths and loess walls, dry grasslands, vineyards, floodplains, and forests. These provide habitats for many animals such as hoopoe and bee-eater, little owl and gopher.

Discover the Wagram!

Weingut Schabl Radweg Wagram

Wagram Discovery Tours

Five special bike tours lead from water to wine. Along the edge of the loess and over the vineyards, past castles, manor houses and museums, through small villages and into idyllic cellar lanes. Ideal for a day trip with cultural and culinary stops.

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There is always something going on at the Wagram. The Wagram has a lot to offer not only in terms of wine and cuisine but also culturally - museums, concerts, the Wagram castles or the water cellars typical for the region.

An overview of the upcoming events can be found here:

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Let your visit to our winery come to a relaxed end and treat yourself to an overnight stay at the Wagram after the wine tasting. You can find an overview of accommodation in our area here