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Our Values

Organic Viticulture

Of all forms of land management, organic farming is considered the most environmentally friendly. But organic is more than just dispensing with chemicals. Holistic thinking and a preferably closed farming cycle with a diverse structure are the foundation and prerequisite for successful organic farming. The natural resources soil and water are preserved and passed on to future generations.

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Economy for the Common Good 

Our current economic system is upside down. Money has become an end in itself rather than a means to what really matters: a good life for all (Christian Felber).

We are working on our first Common Good Balance Sheet.

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The natural factors of a vineyard influence the characteristics of the vines and grapes grown there. They are determined by the interplay between the culture-defining activity of man and the conditions of nature such as climate, geology, terrain and soil conditions.

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Slow Food

Good, clean, fair! We love high-quality food and good wine.
Roter Veltliner has been elevated to Slow Food Presidio and together with other fellow vintners we are working on the further development of this variety. Vitality and robustness against weather extremes, loose berries, aromaticity and dark pink colouring are at the forefront of the selection process.

Further information at www.roterveltliner.bio

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Winemaking can do without fining agents of animal origin such as porcine gelatine. We stand by it and therefore all our wines are vegan.

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