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Our Wines 

The quality of a wine is determined in the vineyard. A lot of manual work and a basic biological understanding help us to guide the vines through the year. In the cellar the credo is: Less is more. This is how we want to preserve the special characteristics of our sites and the influence of the vintage.

Grüner Veltliner

The Grüner Veltliner is by far the most important white wine variety in Austria and plays the dominant role in our assortment. 

We appreciate and love the vine for the fact that it can produce such a variety of wine types. From a fresh summer wine, to elegant, full-bodied wines, to large reserves. Everything is possible with a Grüner Veltliner on loess.

Weingut Schabl Roter Veltliner

Roter Veltliner

Roter Veltliner is an Austrian rarity. It is the parent variety of the Veltliner group and a natural crossing partner in Frühroter Veltliner, Zierfandler and Rotgipfler. 

In the vineyard, this diva often challenges winegrowers with its high demands on care. Even more reason to enjoy a glass full of finely spiced aromas of dried fruit and honey. The long storage potential produces great wines. A true wine connoisseur knows that we talk about a white wine here.

Weingut Schabl Sortenvielfalt

Varietal Diversity

Of course, many other grape varieties also grow well on the Wagram, such as Frühroter Veltliner, Pinot Blanc or Zweigelt. Particularly with the Riesling, one notices the influence of the loess soil, which gives the wine aromas of exotic fruits. It has always been part of risk minimization to plant different varieties with different ripening times. This is taken to the extreme in the mixed set, where several different varieties are planted in one vineyard.